Cleaning Out a Family Home: Estate Cleanouts

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Estate Cleanouts NJ: As the executor of an estate of a loved one that has recently passed away, you are left with the task of clearing out the entire home and yard to prep it for sale. This is not an easy task due to all the memories and cherished possessions involved. This forces you to have to make hasty decisions as to what to get rid of, what to donate and what to sell. What do you do with all the unwanted items and junk?

Here’s a step by step process to go through.

  • Hold an open conversation with the remaining family members such as siblings about what will be done with the items before suspicion, conflicts, and disagreements take over and make the process stressful.
  • Look for important documents and paperwork like wills and trusts, life, auto, and property insurance policies, property deeds and titles, bank statements, tax returns, CDs, stock certificates, annuities, and pension and retirement records.
  • Go through every closet, cabinet, drawer and any possible hiding spots for valuables and cash. Often, older adults hide these possessions in their homes because they don’t trust banks.
  • Make various piles of clothing, such as items of value that can be sold online, at vintage clothing shops or at an estate sale, and piles that can be thrown out or donated. Check the pockets first! Divide items of sentimental value such as bridal gowns and jewelry amongst family members.
  • Distribute family photo albums, old films or videos, scrapbooks, and other sentimental possessions amongst remaining family members evenly to avoid hurt feelings.
  • Contact a trusted junk removal company to get rid of everything else that is broken or of no use. This includes old furniture, appliances, toys, books, magazines, and yard debris. Make sure the company you choose specializes in both estate cleanouts and junk removal.

Cleaning out an estate – particularly when it was the property of a loved one who has suddenly passed on – can be an emotional time for all involved. This emotion can cripple families into taking longer than they should to fully clear out the property so it can be sold. An impartial third party skilled in estate cleanouts and junk removal in New Jersey can hasten this process.

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