Spotted Lanternfly: Now Seen in 7 NJ Counties

Spotted Lanternfly NJ

Spotted lanternfly NJ: While they don’t bite or harm people, the spotted lanternfly is extremely destructive to crops and fruit trees. This means they are an invasive species and should be destroyed. Recently, there have been increased sightings in even more counties in New Jersey of the spotted lanternfly, with the most recent being in Camden County (Cherry Hill and Haddon Heights to be exact).

This has spurred public officials to tell residents to be on the lookout for these invasive insects in their homes, businesses, yards and cars. Experts advise killing these bugs if you see them by squashing or spraying them. Then, report their presence in Camden County to the county entomologist by calling 856-374-6042.

Residents of other New Jersey counties should report spotted lanternfly sightings to the state Department of Agriculture’s special hotline number — 833-BADBUG-0 (833-223-2840) — or send an email to

An Invasive Species

This invasive species wreaks havoc on the agricultural community, destroying crops en mass. Despite increased sightings, though, widespread outbreaks and no significant damage have been reported to crops throughout New Jersey.

Confirmed sightings include the following counties:

  • Camden
  • Burlington
  • Hunterdon
  • Mercer
  • Salem
  • Somerset
  • Warren

You may notice them clinging to the screens of your doors and windows, plus you may have seen some damaged trees in your neighborhood.

It’s important to call the authorities and apprise them of the situation, to confirm that the new incidents are connected.

Most recently, the spotted lanternfly has been seen in the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. Now, it’s starting its slow creep into the Garden State, where officials are concerned it can destroy crops and fruit trees.

In order to stop the spread, officials are depending heavily on the public’s assistance in identifying the latest locations of the spotted lanternfly.

So, if you see a spotted lanternfly, kill it, as well as remove and destroy any egg masses. They look like small grayish blobs of putty attached to trees.

But better yet, you should leave this task up to the pros at Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services. Call us immediately if you suspect an infestation in your yard, as we have the resources to destroy these insects and any corresponding egg masses.

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